Advanced solutions for growing companies

Google Workspace

Email and office automation

Email, calendar, contacts, notes, storage for folders and files in the cloud, office automation (office), forms, video conference and more. Work collaboratively and raise your productivity up to the clouds!


Cloud servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are perfect for small and medium businesses. No more server maintenance and upgrade costs. Use your VPSs at the cloud with options for every budget!


Network support and management

Planning, management and maintenance of Microsoft networks and Active Directory, On-Premises and in the Azure cloud; of Windows Server and SQL Server and services in virtualized environments (VMware & Hyper-V).


Websites & hosting

Choose the new concept in website creation pointed to modern, efficient and dynamic companies. The website is built from templates and it is operational in 48 hours from receipt of texts and images.


Sell online & grow

It was never easier and cheaper to grow in sales! We are your partners in growth, our business is your success, our income is 1% of your sales through an attractive and modern platform and online store.


Hosting for your website

Go for our high availability web hosting service (>99.99%), based on top-tier global providers, with national and global data centers with high security and multiple monitoring options.


Work from anywhere

Enable everyone working at your company to do it from their homes or remote offices as if they were at the headquarteres. We have the necessary skills and knowledge to do it most efficiently and cost effective!


SSL Cetificates for your Website

Improve your company’s image for customers and suppliers as well as the placement of your website in searches and encrypt the information that visitors type in on your website by installing an SSL certificate.


Show & sell online

Now the world works online!. We have all the tools for you to display and sell your products and services online, send automatic quotes and keep your customers informed about your new offers.


Security for your website

Your website’s security is critical to its availability and use. Every day more sites are hacked and damaged or infected by malware. We have the best tools to maintain, protect and monitor it.


Cloud files backup

Tired of dealing with complex and expensive backup solutions? From now on backup folders and files stored on servers, computers and other devices in the cloud through a simple, efficient and economical way.


Google Workspace Cloud Backup

Loosing information stored in the cloud is growing rapidly due to casual and deliberate actions. Protect your company!. Back up all the information from Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to another cloud.


The best path to Google Ads

Google enabled advertising for everyone. More an more companies present and sell their products and services by publishing them on Google at prices that do not exist in other media. Hire PowerAds with us and get exclusive advantages.


IT support

Supporting an IT platform and its users, based on an ITIL Compliant Service Desk, allows for major improvements in the quality and efficiency of the services. Improve your productivity!.


Support for computer networks

For your cloud solutions to perform optimally, it is essential that the network, communications and security infrastructure do so. We have more than 24 years of successful experience and certified specialists.

The Cloud

The widespread and adequate use of information technologies are the basis on which an organization can build sustainable competitive advantages that allows it to prevail and achieve the proposed goals. Currently the best solutions are in the cloud and have an unprecedented price/quality ratio.

At eCloudNova we work enthusiastically so that small and medium-sized companies can know about, select and use these technological solutions in an easy, economical and timely manner.

Now through eCloudNova excellence, take your business up to the clouds with confidence!