Our History

Powernet S.A. was born in 1998 as a result of the alliance between “Electric Design” company – founded two years prior by Electrical Civil Engineer Francisco Javier Moreno Garbarino – and a group of professionals from the world of information technology, including Andrés Gajardo Cárdenas, Constantino Moreno Garbarino, Juan Pablo Moreno Garbarino and Ronald Romero Noguera.

Constantino Moreno
Chief Executive Officer

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Andrés Gajardo
Chief Operation Officer

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Mariela Pino
VP Finance

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Our Mission

To understand the business model of each client so as to become a strategic partner that delivers the best technological solutions, enabling them to continuously increase efficiency and quality in order to compete successfully in an increasingly complex and globalized market, where permanent change is the only constant.

Our Vision

To put technology at the service of our clients’ objectives, creating value for them, for our shareholders and collaborators.

Our Values

  • Comply with the commitments agreed upon.
  • To seek the benefit of our clients and, as a result of a job well done, our own.
  • Always act with truth, honesty and transparency as inalienable principles.
  • Assume the consequences of our own mistakes and learn from them so as to not repeat them.
  • Work in a responsible, committed and enthusiastic manner.
  • Seek improvements as part of a permanent mindset.